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Upcoming worship services

October 26-Morning Prayer

November 2-Holy Eucharist, Rev. Hillin

November 9-Morning Prayer

November 16-Holy Eucharist, Father Nissen

November 23-Morning Prayer

November 30-Morning Prayer

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Advent Message

This is a time of year when we all find ourselves busy with family, community events, and special food preparation. We try and accomplish a lot in such a short time before Christmas.  St. John the Baptist in his preaching asks us first and foremost to prepare the way of God in our lives. We need more to our lives than our busy schedules.  We need the name of Jesus on our lips.  Jesus will send us the Holy Ghost to fill us with inner resources to live our lives and make wise choices in this busy world. 

All of us need to evaluate our lives and think about just what is the most important priority of all.  That is God's love and how we extend love to others. Slow down, ask Jesus into your hearts, know that you are loved by God, spend time after church listening to others.  The love and care extended to others will always refocus us so that we turn our lives over to God and accept the Salvation Message.  Experience the Holy Spirit with you now as you ask Jesus into your hearts and extend the message to others.  

--Father Peter Nissen

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Message

During the Easter Season we remember Jesus' rising from  death.  Jesus' resurrection gives all of us hope that there is life for us beyond the grave.  This life is not all.  We will see our loved ones again.  BUT just the fact of Jesus' resurrection will do very little for us until we experience Jesus' resurrection in our lives.  Many people who are not Christian believers have said, "Yes, Jesus rose from the dead, but so what?"    St. Mary Magdalene first saw the empty tomb and Jesusi appearance while thinking Jesus to be the gardener.  This did very little for her.  It was not until Mary heard Jesus call her name that she grew beyond knowing the fact to sensing and knowing Jesus in her heart.  How can we grow beyond the fact of Jesus' resurrection to know at an emotional level Jesus with us:  I just read the back of a confirmation certificate printed by the Episcopal Church which can help us all grow in the the feeling of Jesus with us and communicate this feeling to others:

1.   Never neglect your prayers.
2.   Examine yourself carefully as to your thoughts, and manner of life, at all events once a week.
3.   Read every day and think over a few verses of the Bible.
4.   Come to church every Sunday, and at other times as you have opportunity. Take care not to be late; kneel when you ought to. Join in the service, say the responses and Amen's distinctly, take part in the singing. *Avoid all talking in church.
5    Come to Holy Communion. To neglect the Sacraments is disobedience and ingratitude to Him and loss and danger to your own soul.
6.   Let no one persuade you to neglect the services of the church and be led into schism.
7.   Avoid religious disputes and idle gossip; try to think and speak kindly to everyone.
8.   Watch and pray against all impurity in thought and word and deed.
9.   Be honest and truthful as "servants of Christ."
10. Do your best to help others.
11. Try do do some special work for God and His Church
Happy Easter!  May you experience Jesus' new life and your walking with Him! And may I add this counsel: practice church growth principles. We find Jesus as we welcome others. The newest child or person who walks into St. Andrew's Chruch is the most important person as we remain servants of Christ. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Holy Week Message

During Holy Week we remember the events that led to Jesus' death.  The Epistle reading for Palm Sunday, which is Philippians 2:5-11,  tells us that this Jesus who suffered was from the beginning with God.  Jesus emptied himself, was a "slave," and entered into the depth of human suffering.  This was not all.  It led to resurrection and new life so that we too can walk through life with hope.  We can experience healing through Jesus' forgiveness and  the acceptance we find in our Episcopalian congregations.  So our hurts, pains, loneliness, resentments and uncertainties, if given to God, will lead to newness, joy, purpose and well being.  Our Episcopal Church is asking all of us to become ministers of Jesus' love to all in great kindness and gentleness.  This way we will be amazed at what will happen to and in our congregations.  We will experience the feeding of the 5000 before our very eyes.  There will be new people and new insights for all of us.